Our Fees

Our standard price for a Single Round (9 Holes) is $25.00 per player.

Purchase Type Total Price Price per round
Single Round (9 holes) $25.00 $25.00
Multipass - 10 Transferable Rounds (9 holes) $200.00 $20.00
Multipass - 20 Transferable Rounds (9 holes) $300.00 $15.00
Multipass - 10 Non-Transferable Rounds (9 holes) $150.00 $15.00
Multipass - 20 Non-Transferable Rounds (9 holes) $250.00 $12.50

Non Transferable Multipass (NTM)

This is the most economical option for frequent users to play golf at The Morgans. As is the case with a transferable multipass (TM), you can purchase NTMs in 10 round or 20 round bundles , but the difference is that with a NTM only you can use it, you cannot use a NTM to purchase rounds for your colleagues. So it offers you very cheap rounds (as low as $12.50 per 9 holes) but it is tailored for our most frequent users. Of course if two or more of you play frequently, you can each have your own NTM rather than share one TM in order to get this most economical access to the venue.

Transferable Multipass (TM)

These multipass options can be used to pay for all players in bookings.


We currently do not offer memberships for our course.