The Morgans Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 28 September 2021

G & Jo Limited (GJL) owns the golf course at Pauatahanui, as well as the associated clubrooms and facilities.

One of GJL’s objects is to encourage participation in, and promote the great game golf. In order to fulfil this object, and to enable members of the public to become involved with the course and all it has to offer, GJL has established The Morgan’s Club (Club).

The Club is an unincorporated group of members that agree to abide by the Club’s rules, and have the rights and obligations set out below. GJL holds a club liquor licence on behalf of the Club.

Consequences of Non-Payment and other T&C Breaches
It is a condition of entry that prior you have registered with us online, provided the correct details and hence know that by purchasing a round or rounds you agree to the following

  1. That you will pay via our online system for every round or part-round that you undertake on the course. This is the only way we accept payment and it means you accept our terms and conditions.
  2. That when your purchase a round – either as a one-off payment or via a multipass arrangement – and obtain a PIN number to enable you to enter our property, that you will be responsible for anyone else who is facilitated entry by use of this PIN that day. This applies both to payment of their entry fee and their conduct on the course.
  3. The consequence of you or a member of your playing group either not-paying or misbehaving on our course is that you and your colleagues are all subject to forfeiture of your future rights of entry. This is not a public course, you are invited to play providing you have registered, thereby agreeing to our terms and conditions. That is the prior arrangement you enter into before your play commences. Breach of the T&C’s will result in the loss of your right of entry, cancellation of any multipass credits you have with us without compensation. In short we do not want to see you again.

Golf Membership
Class Sub-classes Rights
Green fee
- Fixed period, unlimited player
- Seasonal player
- Multi-pass player
- Casual one day player
Full rights to play on the course, to use facilities and enjoy the clubrooms when they are open, either during the membership term or on the elected playing days.
- Fixed period social
- Day social
The right to enjoy the clubrooms and facilities for the membership term.
The availability of membership class and sub-classes, application process and membership fees will be determined by GJL from time to time. This information will be available on the Club’s website and at the clubrooms.

GJL may refuse membership or cancel membership at any time in its sole discretion.

When registering, Members consent to receiving communication from The Morgan’s Golf Club, but have the option to opt out of receiving communication at any time after registration via an unsubscribe link.

Golf Bookings
  • You may cancel a booking and receive booking credits so long as you do it more than 24 hours or longer prior to your tee-off time
  • A Round on our course is 9 holes, however you may continue so long as you give way to players coming off the 1st tee and continue to give way to groups playing through you. This condition will change once V2.0 of our booking system is introduced. Under that version you will have to book a second tee-off time for your second Round
  • We retain the right to cancel all bookings should inclement weather make the course unplayable. Under those circumstances patrons will of course get a the cancelled rounds credited to their balance with us.
  • All multipasses are valid for 12 months after the date of purchase.

Golf Cancellations
If a booked game is cancelled 24 hours or more before the booked time, the member’s account will be credited for the cancelled game. Please note, no cash refunds will be made to members.

Members of the Club agree to abide by the following rules, and will ensure that their guests abide by them.

Care of the Course

It is essential that players make every endeavour to ensure the course is kept in top order by co-operating as follows:
  • Keep to paths where they are provided.
  • Do not walk through areas closed off by greens staff.
  • Carefully replace divots on fairways and rough.
  • Don’t take trundlers on to the greens.
  • Carefully repair pitch marks on greens using a pitch mark repairing tool.
  • Avoid standing close to the hole while attending, removing or replacing the flagstick.
  • Don’t remove balls from the hole using the blade of a club.
  • Ensure all rubbish is put in the provided rubbish bins.
  • No smoking on the golf course.
Dress code

Members of the Club can enjoy the fact that there is no course dress code. However we do require all players to wear footwear that will not damage our playing surfaces, the Greens in particular are sensitive to heels.


GJL may amend or add to these rules, as well as these terms and conditions, at any time. It will notify current members if it does so.

Use of fees etc
All membership fees and other revenue generated by the Club’s activities will be used to cover the Club’s operating expenses, and to otherwise maintain and improve the course, clubrooms and facilities for the Club’s benefit.

GJL’s role
GJL will:
  • operate and manage the Club on behalf of the members,
  • own and control the property, the clubrooms and the facilities at all times, and
  • appoint a secretary of the Club from time to time.
GJL’s liability to any member of the club will be limited to that member’s current membership fee. Each member indemnifies GJL in the event that GJL suffers any harm or loss as a result of that member’s actions or omissions.

Event Ticket Purchases
Any Event Ticket issued by The Morgans is subject to the following conditions and may be cancelled for any breach.

Event Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged after purchase. The Morgans will only refund a ticket if an event is cancelled or the event is significantly rescheduled or changed, or to the extent otherwise required by the laws of New Zealand.

In the event of a cancellation, the usual process will be for the ticket to be refunded directly to the credit card used for the original purchase.

In the event that a ticket is lost or stolen The Morgans will only issue a replacement if the authenticity of the purchaser can be obtained.

Entry to an event may be refused if the authenticity of a ticket is in question.

The Morgans reserves the right to refuse entry to the venue with reasonable cause. Late arrivals may be refused entry until the next appropriate intermission.

The Morgans reserves the right to refuse entry to any intoxicated or abusive persons.

Members acknowledge that membership lists may be published by the Club, and that membership information may be provided to NZ Golf Association Inc. or to any organisation directly or indirectly able to provide benefits to members of a golf club.

The Morgans Privacy Policy is available here.