Frequently Asked Questions


The Morgans does not collect or store any credit card information on our servers.

All online credit card transactions on our website are performed using the secure eWAY gateway. Information customers share with eWay is covered by their Privacy Policy. All transactions are performed under Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts the card details while they are transmitted.

Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by The Morgans staff or any outside party.

For more information about eWAY and online credit card payments, please visit
We currently offer 2 types of Multipass rounds that can be purchased.

Non Transferable Multipass (NTM)

This is the most economical option for frequent users to play golf at The Morgans. As is the case with a transferable multipass (TM), you can purchase NTMs in 10 round or 20 round bundles , but the difference is that with a NTM only you can use it, you cannot use a NTM to purchase rounds for your colleagues. So it offers you very cheap rounds (as low as $12.50 per 9 holes) but it is tailored for our most frequent users. Of course if two or more of you play frequently, you can each have your own NTM rather than share one TM in order to get this most economical access to the venue.

Transferable Multipass (TM)

These multipass options can be used to pay for all players in bookings.

We currently accept credit card payments for Tee-off Time bookings and multi-round pass purchases. The types of cards we accept are Mastercard and Visa.


You can cancel your booking until 24 hours prior to your booking date. To cancel your booking please go to your account page and click the cancel link on your list of bookings. Booking Credits can be requested between 24 hours prior until 72 hours after your booking date.

As per our terms and conditions any cancelled booking will credit the customer's account balance with the number of player rounds of the cancelled booking. These player rounds can then be used for booking future tee-off times. No refund payment will be given.
If you have a large group of players that you’d like to organise consecutive tee-off times for, you can do this by arrangement. We will close off other bookings so your group can enjoy either a 9-hole or 18-hole round without being disturbed. Just contact us and we’ll organise the course closure for your exclusive use. For this premier service the total green fee per player will be $30 (weekdays), $35 (weekends and public holidays).
This is a new tab on the booking page that enables friends to individually join a group for the same tee-off time. How it works - if you make the first booking then you click the “Share” tab and provide the emails of who you’d like to be invited to join you. That initiates an email to those players so they can log on, pay for themselves and get confirmation that they’re playing in your group. They’ll get a confirmation email.
You can update your booking until 10 minutes prior to your booking date. To update your booking please go to your account page and click the update link on your list of bookings.


Playing golf in the frost can do considerable damage to the course, particularly the Greens. In order to prevent this we will delay the tee-off times on frost days, probably with the first tee-off being 9.20am. We will make calls on frosts the night before and give those players booked a heads-up via email - moving their tee time if necessary as little as possible.

Use of golf carts on our course is only on weekdays and strictly by prior arrangement - please contact us here

All cart drivers must hold a full car driver's licence. There is a maximum of two persons per cart.

In the event of adverse ground conditions, the final decision on cart use will be determined by the greenkeeper.

Note, we do not have carts for hire.
No Dogs are permitted on our golf course at any time.
We want our Greens to be the best quality so you enjoy playing them. Just a friendly reminder the first thing you should do when walking on to a Green is to fix a pitch mark (the dent where a ball has landed). If you can’t find your's fix someone else’s.

1. Identify the “back” of the ball mark. This is the side of the dent that has all of the turf pushed up to it.

2. Insert your pitch repair tool at a 45ᴼ angle behind the wall of compressed turf, ensuring that the bulk of the displaced turf is between the tool and the dent.

3. Gently push the top of the tool towards the ball mark, moving the surrounding turf to fill in the mark.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a maximum of 4 times or until the ball mark is completely filled. Be careful to do this gently and don’t overdo it to avoid root damage.

5. NEVER prise the hole upwards - this damages the root structure, leaves a scar and makes repair more difficult

Here’s a video on how to do it