COVID’s Traffic Light Compliance at The Morgans

In short, under all levels – Red, Amber and Green – we are not a facility that is mandated to require you to provide us with vaccination status. Rather, vaccinated or not you are able to play golf at The Morgans. This does not reflect our view of whether you should be vaccinated or not, our view is irrelevant to what we are required to do.

While there is no limit on the number of playing groups (“gatherings” in covid jargon) we’re allowed to have on the course at any one time, each group is required to maintain 2 metre spacing from any other group. That should not be difficult.

The following strict conditions are for your safety:

  • You must book a tee-off time online and register your details. This will allow contact tracing if required.
  • Please scan the QR Code at our gate with your NZ COVID Tracer App before you enter using your PIN code.
  • You must mask-up when you enter our building – whether you enter the lobby or whether you use the toilets. And please do not enter either room with others (say no more).
  • At risk players (such as those over 70) may need to take extra measure to protect themselves.
  • Arrive promptly and be ready to play. Leave as soon as you have finished your round.
  • Sanitise your hands on arrival and on leaving the course.
  • Keep physical distancing of 2 metres from anyone outside your group.
  • Flag pins must not be touched.
More information and updates can be found on the COVID-19 and Sport NZ websites

Have fun and enjoy your game!